About An Buermans

   An Buermans has developed into a household name in    
   fashion. The focus of all An's collections are how to  
   maintain a beautiful balance between wearable fashion  
   and the environment.  Her designs last longer than just a
   season, that why An Buermans only works on one  
   collection a year.
   An Buermans her production is 100% made in Belgium,
   something to be very proud on.
   An knows how to cut fabrics with as little residual waste  
   as possible, she loves a challange.
   An Buermans' s style is all about natural fabrics, high-spirited colors and unique prints. The exclusive soft fabrics are a must, even if these come in very limited capacity.  
She design her prints and works together with local artists-atelier who applies screen printing technique with water-based dyes. 
It's importent to know yourself and keep your values!
#Lovewhatyoudo #Knowwhatyouwear #Whomadeyourcloths